nervousness • worrying • inability to control worrying • worrying about things beyond your control • restlessness or feeling “on edge” • easily fatigued or tired • difficulty focusing • easily annoyed or irritated • muscle tension, especially in neck and shoulders • difficulty falling and staying asleep • frequent headaches

Did you read the list above and start saying to yourself, “Oh my…this is SO ME! Oh, and THIS one! And THIS one! Oh, wait… this one, too!” If so, you may be experiencing anxiety and this is definitely something that we can work on in our time together. The good news is that there are ways to attack your anxious symptoms and we can work together to find ways to cope with anxiety that will fit specifically for you.


feelings of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness • not being able to take pleasure in activities that you once enjoyed • problems falling or staying asleep • sleeping too much • appetite changes and/or weight gain or loss • feeling like everything is an effort • difficulty concentrating • thoughts of death or suicide

If your heart begins to ache and tears begin to fall as you read the above, knowing it describes you, now is the time to reach out for help. We can work together to help you find a place of peace. Know that tears are common along the way, but there will always be a box of tissues and a gentle smile while we work toward restoring joy to your life.

christian counseling

Using counseling theories and techniques filtered through the Bible and a Christian worldview, your counselor will address your areas of concern. For some, this may include praying together over your situation. For others it may include pulling out the Bible to reference and work through scripture as it relates to your struggles. This process may look different for each person who walks through our door; however, rest in confidence, knowing that we will honor your comfort level and only work within the bounds of your consent.

Please note that having a Christian belief system is not a requirement to become a client of Abundant Living. Our therapists will always be respectful of your personal set of beliefs and your spiritual orientation.


feeling overwhelmed because you’re trying to do it all • depressed because you don’t know who you are anymore • frustrated because no one appreciates you • heartbroken because you’re feeling “not good enough.”

Or maybe…

Guilt over leaving the kids • anxiety as you’re trying to manage piles of paperwork at the office • stress over being a single mom, trying to fill the roles of mom AND dad • shame over not spending enough time with your husband

Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, or overwhelm, we can help you let go of life’s expectations and experience the joy and freedom found in being authentically you.

self-esteem and self-image

Instagram envy • comparison game • imposter syndrome • negative self talk • perfectionism • fear of rejection • wondering “what will other people think?” • fear of failure

We’ll work through the root causes of your issues so you can quit playing the comparison game and learn how to embrace your unique qualities and intrinsic value.

stress management

trying to do it all • always on edge • always tired • on the edge of a breakdown instead of a breakthrough • physical symptoms: headaches, neck and shoulder pain, upset stomach, lack of appetite, “stress eating”, difficulty sleeping

Stress is a normal life experience, but if you’re feeling so overwhelmed that you’re on the verge of breaking down, or finding that stress is hindering your day-to-day life, you need help managing it. We’re here to provide both practical techniques and personal support to help you control your stress and reclaim your life.

a photo of a happy woman


feeling disconnected • no one really “gets” you • lack of affection/intimacy • lack of communication • putting on a facade to make relationship work instead of living authentically • toxic friendships • a pattern of picking the “wrong guy” • premarital counseling • difficulty resolving conflicts

Relationships can be difficult. But if you’re dealing with a toxic person, struggling to connect with others, or consistently finding yourself in problem situations, you may need some tools to help better navigate your relationships. We also offer premarital counseling to proactively address common marital struggles and lay the groundwork for a successful marriage.

wedding guests
a picture of serious woman

grief and loss

death of a loved one • loss of a job • loss of a relationship/break-up • loss of a home • loss of dream • loss of good health • “empty nest syndrome” • loss of financial security • graduation from college/high school (loss of peer group)

Grief comes in many forms. While it is most visibly associated with the death of a loved one, it’s actually quite common to experience grief symptoms after any kind of significant loss. Regardless of whether you’ve lost someone or something in your life, we will treat your situation with compassion and help you recover as a stronger, more resilient person.