depression therapy in Rome, GA

Reconnect with yourself and the life you want without the weight of depression.

Our compassionate, individualized therapy for depression in Rome, GA can help you effectively manage and work through your feelings.

You can stop feeling trapped by depression and live the life you want.

Everyone experiences sadness or feeling down from time to time.

Yet, persistent feelings of unhappiness, hopelessness, or emptiness can lead to problems in your everyday life.

You may struggle to find the energy to get your work done, then feel constantly behind and get upset with yourself.

Negative or self-blaming thoughts may interfere with your confidence, ability to connect fully in relationships, or hold you back at school or work.

People experience symptoms of depression and sadness in different ways.  Some people notice persistent feelings of sadness most days, trouble sleeping, or difficulty concentrating. Others may feel more irritable for no reason, exhausted, and lacking motivation. 

Unfortunately, depression can even cause people to have thoughts of self-harm, suicide, or death.

Depression may feel like…

• A weight that’s with you most of the time, bringing you down
• A sadness that overshadows your ability to fully enjoy your life
Persistent exhaustion or fog that makes it hard to complete your daily activities
Going through the motions of life without being able to really be present in the moment
Your thoughts are muddled or scattered
Your life and actions are purposeless, with no real meaning

While living with depression can feel exhausting and overwhelming, you can overcome these feelings with professional help.

The truth is depression isn’t the same for everyone.

You can live a life where you feel fully present, experience joy, and reconnect with yourself.

When you’re experiencing depression, we understand that it can be hard at first to ask for help.

With depression therapy at Abundant Living, our licensed therapists will meet you where you are so you feel fully supported and heard.

we will work with you to…


what is contributing to your feelings of depression


a personalized plan to help you move beyond your current situation and achieve your goals


compassionate support


evidence-based skills and tools to help you cope and manage your current feelings, as well as how to use these strategies to help you in the future

And more…

You can overcome your depression to create a strong, fulfilling, happy life. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Our licensed therapists will help you work through your feelings, so you can achieve your goals and live life to the fullest.