self-esteem & self-image counseling in Rome, GA

Leave perfectionism, low self-esteem, and the comparison game behind you.

Our licensed therapists in Rome, GA can help you regain confidence in yourself, so you create a life you love.

Struggling with low self-esteem or self-image can impact how you feel about yourself and cause you to place limits on yourself.

Self-esteem isn’t completely static. How we feel and think about ourselves can vary a little from time to time.

Someone struggling through a divorce, an unexpected illness, or losing a job may feel more down on themselves than usual.

Someone who was hired at a dream job, received an award at school, or accomplished a difficult goal may feel more proud and confident in themselves. These minor fluctuations in how we think and feel about ourselves are natural.

Yet people with healthy levels of self-esteem are more resilient during difficult times. They continue to believe in themselves and have healthy self-respect no matter what is happening in their lives.

And, people with healthy self-esteem aren’t arrogant or conceited.

Instead, they value, respect, and accept themselves. They acknowledge their strengths and have a realistic assessment and acceptance of their limitations or things they want to improve about themselves. 

They can genuinely celebrate others’ successes without feeling down on themselves.

As a result, you may feel like you don’t ‘deserve’ respect from others or aren’t ‘as good as’ others. 

These beliefs can cause you to end up in relationships and situations where you aren’t valued and can make it harder to cope with life challenges. 

These feelings of persistent low self-esteem can make it hard to…

• Create fulfilling, balanced relationships
• Stop comparing yourself to others and their achievements
Speak up at school or work, so your ideas are heard
Feel confident in yourself
Believe that you can achieve the goals you want from your life
Feel happy or proud of yourself and your achievements

But people with low self-esteem often struggle to value themselves or acknowledge their personal strengths.

Fortunately, self-esteem counseling can help you learn how to create healthy, positive levels of self-esteem that help you move confidently forward in your life and toward your goals.

We can help you embrace your unique qualities.

Our licensed therapists understand how persistent feelings of low self-esteem and self-image can hold you back from living the fulfilling life you desire.

With self-esteem counseling, we provide compassionate, judgment-free therapy that meets you where you are and helps you move toward the goals and life you want.

Our therapists will help you…


your current feelings of low self-esteem and the value of a healthy level of self-esteem


strategies and tools using evidence-based therapies like CBT to help you learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and believing about yourself


supported and safe as you work toward your goals and a more connected and authentic experience with yourself


heard and valued


how to stop comparing yourself to others so you can focus on what makes you special

And more…

You are enough.

You can become more self-confident, self-assured, and feel more connected with yourself.

Our licensed therapists will help you work through your feelings of low self-esteem, perfectionism, and feeling like you’re not enough, so you can start believing in yourself and creating the fulfilling life you desire.