grief counseling in Rome, GA

You don’t have to grieve a loss on your own.

Our licensed therapists in Rome, GA provide a safe place for you to work through thoughts, feelings, and struggles as you grieve a loss.

There’s no one way to grieve a loss.

At some point, everyone experiences a significant loss in their life.

It may be the…

• Death of a loved one
• Loss of a job
Change in one’s life situation, such as an “empty nest syndrome”
Loss of a relationship
Or other significant life event

These losses impact us emotionally and physically, hindering our ability to get through our everyday lives.

Some people may have trouble concentrating, don’t sleep well, have difficulty motivating themselves, have trouble following conversations, and more.

Additionally, some losses require us to make significant decisions while we’re experiencing a range of emotions that we struggle to control.

We may feel…

• Numb
• Shock

And more

We may even feel several of these emotions throughout the same day.

That’s okay.

Grief comes in many forms, and there isn’t one way to cope and work through loss.

Fortunately, grief counseling can provide a safe, supportive place for you to express and process your emotions.

We understand that grieving is not a linear process and that there is more than one way to work through loss.

With grief counseling, our licensed therapists will provide a safe, supportive environment to allow you to explore, express, and process your feelings, thoughts, and struggles.

Our grief therapists will help you…

Identify & Express

your emotions


any unresolved issues or feelings around the loss that may be causing you additional stress and taking a toll on you physically or emotionally


evidence-based tools and strategies to help you cope as you go through your grieving journey

Create or Rebuild

your routine at a pace you’re comfortable with


insights and self-awareness so you understand what you are feeling and why

And more…

You don’t have to work through a loss on your own.

We will support you through every step of your grieving journey.

Grief counseling can provide support, insights, and tools you need to help you work through your loss and move towards a place of healing.

Our licensed therapists in Rome, GA are here to provide you with emotional and practical support that’s tailored to your needs so you can work through the loss.