therapy for teens in Rome, GA

Teens are coping with more pressure and stress than ever before.

Our compassionate, personalized therapy for teens in Rome, GA helps them effectively process and cope with the unique challenges of being a teenager.

Being a teenager in our modern world can be hard.

The teenage years are a time of change—emotional, social, and physical. 

The changes can be unpredictable and can lead to some teens feeling self-conscious or like they aren’t fully in control of their body, thoughts, or emotions.

Additionally, teens these days are faced with more expectations, decisions, and academic pressures than ever before. They also often have to navigate new forms of social technology, which can help people feel connected but can also become a source of stress or bullying.

During this time, teens are also searching for their own identity, separating more from their parents, and relying more on their peer group. Unfortunately, this change can leave some feeling isolated or alone.

As a result, some teens find themselves struggling to cope with the pressures, changes, and expectations put on themselves or by others.

Unfortunately, some teenagers will also face traumas or conflicts that go beyond the unique challenges of adolescence. 

For instance, some teens may be trying to cope with…
• Bullying
Peer pressure
Conflicts at home, work, or school
Academic pressure
Changes in the family such as death of a loved one or divorce
Emotional distress such as depression or anxiety
Thoughts of self-harm including cutting or suicidal ideation
And more…

Fortunately, professional counseling can provide a safe, supportive place for your teenager to explore their thoughts, feelings, and struggles and learn healthy, effective coping strategies that they can use throughout their life.

Some teens may have to deal with more than the typical teenage challenges.

Sometimes teens face significant problems. We can help.

We understand that being a teenager in today’s world comes with its own set of unique challenges.

Our licensed therapists provide compassionate, personalized therapy to help your teenager explore their concerns, emotions, struggles, and thoughts to help them cope and heal.

Our licensed therapists will help your teen…


their thoughts, emotions, and struggles


their thoughts, opinions, and feelings openly in a constructive manner


effective coping and problem-solving skills they can use throughout their life


truly heard with our deep listening approach


effective communication skills

And more…

Our therapists provide compassionate, evidence-based therapy in a safe place that’s tailored to your teenager’s unique needs

so they and you feel supported.

Being a teenager is hard. We can help your teen develop skills, self-awareness, and confidence to work through the problems they face now and throughout their lives.

Our licensed therapists in Rome, GA are here to provide your teen and you with the support and help you need.