anxiety therapy in Rome, GA

Start living a life free from overwhelming worries, anxieties, or fears.

Get support and learn the skills and insights that can help you control and move beyond your anxiety with our compassionate individual anxiety therapy in Rome, GA.

Everyone experiences some anxiety or fears from time to time. Yet, too much anxiety can lead to problems in your everyday life.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if your worries or anxiety are similar to others or if it’s something more. Because the truth is, everyone experiences anxiety, fears, and worries. 

Most people know what it feels like to have their heart race, palms sweat, and thoughts go a little faster than usual when faced with a stressful situation or fear. Parents deal with worries regularly. Adults in the workforce, such as teachers, nurses, business owners, and more, face concerns, struggles, and fears all the time. Teens are challenged by academic workloads, expectations from friends and family members and pressure to be “perfect” or “perform.”

It can be confusing to know if professional help is the right choice for you. Many times, people silently struggle and wonder, ‘Are these feelings enough to see someone for help?’ There is no one level of ‘enough.’

You don’t have to reach a certain level of anxiety, worry, or fear to benefit from help. You simply need to want to change the way you’re feeling.

For instance, you may notice:

• Feeling nervous much of the time
• Having trouble controlling your worrying
• Worrying about things beyond your control
Feeling “on edge” or restless
Having trouble focusing
Becoming annoyed or irritated easily
Physical symptoms such as fatigue, muscle tension, or frequent headaches associated with these feelings

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, out of control, or struggle on your own.

Your experiences, feelings, and situation are unique to you.

It’s time to gain control of your worries, fears, and anxieties so you can be fully present in your life.

You don’t have to live a life overshadowed by anxiety, fear, or worries. Anxiety therapy can help.

You can:
• Gain insights into your feelings
Place them in perspective
Learn how to manage these feelings and experiences both now and in the future
Know how to harness feelings of anxiety and worry as helpful tools

With anxiety therapy at Abundant Living, we help you work within the reality of your situation and help you feel heard.

When anxiety goes beyond helpful levels, a person can’t just “snap out of it.” But you can learn to proactively manage your anxiety levels.

at Abundant Living, you will receive:

Compassionate support

from our licensed therapists focusing on your unique needs

Increased confidence

in your ability to manage, handle, and heal from anxiety in a healthy way both now and throughout your life

Insights and clarity

on your feelings, thoughts, and actions leading to anxiety and how they impact your daily life or goals

Evidence-based skills and tools

such as CBT, mindfulness, and more, that are tailored to your situation to help you cope and work through your anxieties, fears, or worries

And more…

You don’t have to struggle with anxieties and fears on your own.

Our licensed therapists will help you work through your feelings of anxiety, worry, or fears, so you can achieve your goals and live a life of fulfillment.