relationship therapy in Rome, GA

Remember when you felt more connected to your spouse, friends, or family?

Our relationship therapy approach in Rome, GA helps you navigate relationship challenges and strengthen your connection to your loved ones.

We all long to feel genuinely connected with our loved ones and friends.

Yet, the fast-pace of our daily lives, overwhelming list of things to do, and more can take a toll on our relationships with our friends, spouse, family, or children.

You may struggle to…

• Make time for meaningful connections
• Communicate your needs or point of view
Feel heard and understood
Feel fully present in your interactions

Fortunately, relationship counseling can help enhance your relationships.

During relationship counseling, your therapist will help you examine the relationship, your feelings, thoughts, and issues. Together, you can take a more objective view of the relationship as a whole as well as specific problems. 

We can help you work through relationship challenges with your…

• Spouse
• Children

You will gain insights and skills to help you…

• Incorporate new ways of communicating
• Repair or maintain relationships you value
Address toxic relationships 
Learn productive ways to resolve relationship conflicts
And more…

Our licensed therapists provide a safe, compassionate place for you to explore and navigate relationship challenges.

Here at Abundant Living, we help you navigate relationship challenges and strengthen your connection to your loved ones.

You don’t have to struggle with feeling disconnected from others, stuck in a toxic relationship, or dealing with communication issues.

with relationship therapy at Abundant Living, we will help you:


how to better communicate with others in your life


appropriate boundaries in relationships


more comfortable navigating conflict in relationships

And more…

You can have positive, mutually beneficial relationships. It’s time to reconnect and strengthen your relationships with those you care about.

Our licensed therapists in Rome, GA can help you create the positive and supportive relationships you want with your loved ones and friends.