marriage counseling & couples therapy in Rome, GA

All couples experience tension or conflict at some point in their relationship and many people are unsure when they should seek couples counseling.

Our marriage counseling and couples therapy in Rome, GA helps you navigate relationship challenges and strengthen your connection to your loved ones.

The reality is that couples may seek relationship counseling for many different reasons and at any point in their relationship.

Couples may seek counseling to resolve relationship issues, gain insight into the dynamics of their relationship, strengthen their emotional bonds, or find amicable ways to bring their relationship to an end.

Any couple with a history together may benefit from relationship counseling.

During marriage counseling or couples counseling, your therapist will help you examine the relationship, your feelings, thoughts, and issues. Together, you can take a more objective view of the relationship as a whole as well as specific problems. 

We can help you work through relationship challenges with your loved one.

You will gain insights and skills to help you…

• Incorporate new ways of communicating
• Repair or maintain relationships you value
Address toxic relationships 
Learn productive ways to resolve relationship conflicts
And more…

Our licensed couples therapists provide a safe, compassionate place for you to explore and navigate relationship challenges.

Even couples in healthy relationships seek couples therapy to strengthen their bond, improve intimacy or find new ways to connect emotionally.

With marriage counseling and couples therapy at Abundant Living, we will help you:


how to better communicate with others in your life


appropriate boundaries in relationships


more comfortable navigating conflict in relationships

And more…

At Abundant Living Counseling, we are committed to helping couples create the healthy, satisfying intimate relationship they desire.

Our licensed couples therapists in Rome, GA can help you create the positive and supportive relationships you want with your loved one.