christian counseling in Rome, GA

Christian counseling that reflects your faith and biblical worldview.

Our therapists in Rome, GA help you explore your thoughts, feelings, and struggles from a place rooted in your faith.

Bring your faith and your whole self into your therapy sessions.

Your spiritual beliefs are a source of emotional strength. Your faith also provides guidance and support to help you through difficult times.

So when you’re facing concerns, struggles, relationship issues, or other mental health difficulties, it makes sense to incorporate your spiritual beliefs into the therapy sessions

Your faith and spiritual worldview can be your anchor as you work through the issue or situation that brought you to therapy.

We promise to respect, honor, and work within your faith.

Sometimes secular worldviews contradict what your Biblical worldview recommends. 

This conflict can add additional stress and doubts when you’re already working through a difficult situation, feeling, or mental health issue. 

As people of faith, we understand.

We will meet you where you are in your faith and help you explore your thoughts, feelings, and difficulties within the context of your beliefs.

There is no one way to bring your faith into therapy sessions. 

Our licensed therapists will work with you to identify how therapy can help you and how you want to bring your spiritual beliefs and journey into therapy sessions.

You may want to…

• Integrate Bible verses into sessions
• Include prayers during sessions
• Know that your therapist is praying for you before, after, or between sessions

• Explore your faith and spiritual journey

• Let your therapist know of your faith beliefs but not pray or make your worldview a focus during sessions

Our Christian counseling is tailored to your needs.

You are in control of how your faith is incorporated.

With Christian counseling at Abundant Living, our licensed therapists are here to support you in a safe environment so you can work through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, difficult situations, or mental health issue.

Our Christian therapists will:


therapy from a Biblical world view


you feel supported and encouraged in your faith


your faith and its impact on your current life challenges


prayer and scripture into your sessions if requested

And more…

Therapy that reflects your faith.

Contact us today so our faith-based therapists can help you explore, work through, and heal from your unique situation within your spiritual worldview.