Parent Stress: The Anxieties and Joys of Sending Kids Back to School


Early alarms. Pulling the kiddos out of bed. Can’t find a shoe. Grabbing breakfast on the way out the door. “But mom I don’t wanna go back to school!”

Or maybe it’s more like clothes neatly laid out the night before. Healthy breakfast on the table. Backpacks packed and waiting next to the door. Say “first day!” as you snap that treasured photo with genuine smiles of excitement.

The start of a new school year is often accompanied by a mix of emotions for both children and parents. The first day of school looks different for each family, but one thing’s the same: the transition from a relaxed summer schedule to a structured academic routine can trigger stress among parents. So let’s talk about common sources of parent stress when kids go back to school, and then dig into strategies to cope with these challenges so we can ease into the new year with minimal stress and anxiety.


  1. The Juggling Act: Balancing Responsibilities

 Here we go again, parents! Buckle in for the ride. As the school year begins, we often find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities: preparing lunches, managing school drop-offs and pickups, overseeing homework, and maintaining extracurricular schedules. The pressure of handling these tasks can be overwhelming and lead to stress and fatigue. (Insert David Bowie and Queen’s Under Pressure here). To address this, parents can create a structured family schedule, involving everyone in daily routines and chores, fostering a sense of responsibility with their children, and easing the burden on the parents.


  1. Academic Performance Worries

Parents often worry about their children’s academic performance and how they will adapt to new teachers, classes, and learning environments. This concern can turn into stress quickly if your child is having difficulty with a class or if he experiences anxiety about his grades. To ease these worries, keep open communication with teachers, stay involved in your child’s education, and provide a supportive and encouraging environment. Remember that not all children excel in the same areas, and it’s essential to celebrate their progress and growth rather than focusing solely on grades.


  1. Social and Peer Pressure

 For some children, returning to school means navigating social circles and dealing with peer pressure. You might feel anxious about your child’s ability to make friends, handle conflicts, or resist negative influences. Sit down and talk with your child about her social experiences. Encouraging open conversations about friendships and emotions can foster a strong bond between parents and children, allowing parents to better understand their child’s friend world and offer guidance when needed.


  1. Safety and Well-being Concerns

 Let’s face it. In the world we live in today, many parents may feel apprehensive about their child’s safety at school. Communicate with the school authorities to understand their safety protocols and ensure your child understands safety measures. This can help ease your worries and provide reassurance that your child is in a secure environment. And cover your child in prayer before you send him on his way. There’s lots to be said for the power of a praying parent!


  1. Time Management and Self-Care

 It’s easy to get wrapped up in all that is going on once the school year starts. So it’s important to be aware that parent stress can escalate when you overlook your own well-being while tending to your child’s needs. Finding time for self-care is vital to maintaining a healthy balance between parenting responsibilities and personal life. Engaging in hobbies, exercise, or prayer can be excellent ways to de-stress and recharge. Remember, a joy-filled and relaxed parent is better equipped to support their child’s emotional well-being.

As kids go back to school, parent stress is inevitable, but it can be managed effectively with proper planning, communication, and self-care. By acknowledging and addressing our worries, we can support our children’s academic and social journey while cherishing the joy of watching their growth and achievements.

As parents, let’s embrace the challenges that come with a new school year and look forward to creating wonderful memories with our children! Remember, it’s not just a time for them to learn and grow; it’s an opportunity for us as parents to evolve and thrive alongside them. Together, you can make the most of this academic year and celebrate the milestones, both big and small, that your children achieve.